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Latest News

29th July 2016

Release Version 2.5.7

Added min quantity in stocks sheet...

23th July 2016

Release Version 2.5.6

Added automatic check for updates...

07th July 2016

Release Version 2.5.5

Added export data to XML files...

15th June 2016

Release Version 2.5.4

Added import data from files...


Component 2014

Software for warehouse and analytical accounting of electronic components

It is the easy-to-use solution for developers of electronics, OEMs, repair services, electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists 

Application Features  

- Manufacturers, vendors, packages catalogs
- Warehousing management
- Locations feature
- Purchasing history
- Products list
- Search and sorting of components
- Kits of products
- Import & Export
- User permissions

Printing Reports

Incoming & Outgoing Invoices
- Bill of Materials
- Stock Sheet
- Purchasing Order
- Shopping List
- Analytic Reports
- Components Catalog
- Product Costing
- Event Log

Free version available.
Portable: Application does not require installation.
Database format : MS Access.
Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.