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21 February 2018

Release Version 3.3.2

Added Pay Orders...

02 November 2017

Release Version 3.2.4

Added Product Structure...

31 July 2017

Release Version 3.1

Added Task List...

21 April 2017

Release Version 2.7.8

Added Report Designer...

14 March 2017

Granted Softpedia.com award...




We invite to cooperate and offer design, development, localization of libraries, software components, modules, Windows applications (desktop, network, client-server) and embedded systems.

Ours skills: C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, database development (MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL), OOP, Win API, User Controls, TCP, UDP, Computer Vision, XML, SOAP, IPP, Image Processing, ERP, MDM, PDM, WMS, SMTP, GPS.






We have great experience, competitive prices (from $ 20 per hour) and a working method of interaction.