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21 February 2018

Release Version 3.3.2

Added Pay Orders...

02 November 2017

Release Version 3.2.4

Added Product Structure...

31 July 2017

Release Version 3.1

Added Task List...

21 April 2017

Release Version 2.7.8

Added Report Designer...

14 March 2017

Granted Softpedia.com award...




Software License Restrictions FREE PRO
Limits the number of storages 7
Limits the number of components types in a warehouse 70
Limits the number of components in a warehouse 2000
Export stocks to the files  -  +
No Watermark - +
Software License Price FREE PRO
Valid for single computer Free $24.99
Valid for 2 and more computers (per PC) Free $19.99

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Also, you can purchase the software directly from Alfa-Galaxy.
Before you purchase a license PRO, a invoice will be emailed to you. 
After you purchace the software, you will receive an email containing your License Key.